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Accountant Loans

As an accountant, we know that you’ll spend a lot of your time crunching numbers to ensure that you plan for the future and protect your assets. This means ensuring your cash flow is healthy and your existing credit doesn’t get damaged.

At WestWon, we recognise how important it is for you to maintain working capital while giving you the option to free up cash flow so that you can make essential investments for your practice.

Our funding options enable you to obtain finance for a start-up business or to inject some cash into an established business with our flexible approach to finance.

Whether you’re looking for a business loan or a lease agreement, our experienced team can obtain the best solution tailored to your individual circumstances. Enquire online now or feel free to give us a call on 01494 611 456.

Why Choose WestWon?

Benefits of Accountant Loans and Asset Finance

  • Cash flow

    You will be able to keep funds in your business to be used elsewhere

  • Alternative lines of funding

    You don’t have to use up a bank facility you already have

  • VAT

    On rental agreements, the VAT is included in the rental, not in a lump sum

  • Pay for the equipment as you use it

    Companies pay employees over time as they work, so why pay all the cost for equipment in advance?

  • The latest equipment

    Always have the latest technology at your disposal by implementing a recycling strategy, whereby you replace equipment at the end of the lease term

  • Tax planning

    Using a lease rental agreement, 100% of your rental is deductible against your companies corporation tax

Finance for Accountants- The Process

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Types of Loans for Accountants

Professional indemnity loans for accountants

A large proportion of accountants opt for a loan to finance their professional indemnity fees, and we offer repayment terms that are between three months and a year. If you’re looking to secure a loan for your professional indemnity fees, we ask you to provide the quote for the professional indemnity insurance and the term for which you’d like the loan. Once you’ve confirmed this information, we’ll send you a finance quote. The process will only take a couple of days from your initial application to paying your professional indemnity fees.

VAT and Corporation Tax Loans for accountants

At WestWon, we can finance your VAT and Corporation Tax for up to year, depending on your circumstances. We will need to see your liability to pay VAT/corporation tax and will pay HMRC on your behalf. This leaves you with the option to fund other investments, as you can be sure that this liability has been taken care of.

Finance for Accountants

We have experience of working with accountancy firms across the UK, and we know that business loans and leasing is an important aspect for accountants. We know that the rate of defaults for this type of financing is low among accountants, and this option allows accountants to fund office refurbishments, industry-standard software, necessary equipment and renovations.

At WestWon, we have worked with many different accountancy firms over the years, so we have experience of dealing with a range of clients, and adapting our options to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large firm, a start-up or established business, we are on hand to help you to get the best finance options tailored to your individual circumstances.

We are here to help you when it comes to your finances, and we offer expert knowledge, advice and products that can help you to ensure you maintain your valuable assets while giving you the opportunity to invest in other areas of your business by freeing up cash flow. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible solutions for accountants, so you can be sure that the products we offer have you firmly in mind.

Whether you’re looking to finance new equipment, take a loan out for insurance or to fund a renovation for your offices, speak to WestWon today for a competitive and fair quote that will give you access to a range of products that are suitable for you.


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