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EPOS Leasing

When you’re opening a new shop or starting a new retail business, there can be so many large expenses to cover. Retail leasing is a great way to get the equipment and facilities you need without the large upfront cost. At WestWon, we have a wide range of flexible options for retail leasing, from EPOS leasing to CCTV to shelving to alarm systems. We’ve got everything you need to kit out your new retail space, with affordable monthly payments.

From independent cafes to large multi-location companies, our EPOS leasing service offers flexibility and an affordable way to grow and manage your sales. It’s also a great option for established businesses looking to move to an electronic system, allowing them to try out a new system and find out what they need and what works best for them and their staff.

At WestWon, we have worked with numerous clients for years offering practical affordable solutions for businesses, large and small. If you’re looking for a new EPOS system, then our EPOS leasing is the perfect option for you. With access to over 50 UK funders, we can obtain the most competitive rates in the industry.

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EPOS Leasing Benefits

  • Cash flow

    You will be able to keep funds in your business to be used elsewhere

  • Alternative funding lines

    No need to use up an existing bank facility

  • VAT

    On rental agreements VAT is paid in the rental, not in full and upfront

  • Pay for the equipment as you use it

    Companies pay employees over time as they work, so why pay all large cost for retail equipment in advance?

  • The latest equipment

    Always have the latest retail equipment at your disposal by implementing a recycling strategy, whereby you replace equipment at the end of the lease term

  • Tax planning

    Using a lease rental agreement, 100% of your rental is deductible against your companies corporation tax

The EPOS Leasing Process

WestWon - The leasing process - customer NEW

EPOS Leasing example

  • Company
  • Lease Value
  • Term
  • Repayment
  • Rationale
  • Family Run Fruit Farm
  • £4,575 + VAT
  • 36 months
  • £171.26 + VAT per quarter
  • This company financed their EPOS equipment to relieve pressure on their company cash flow.

Retail Leasing Projects We Have Funded Include :

  • EPOS systems

  • Back office computer and software requirements

  • Digital signage

  • Audio visual systems

  • Alarm systems

  • Shelving and Racking

  • Floor & Ceiling Tiles

  • CCTV

  • LED light bulbs

We Understand the Retail Industry!

One of the biggest expenses for new retail businesses can be their till and computer system, or EPoS – Electronic Point of Sale – systems. An EPoS system combines hardware, such as the touchscreen terminal, with software, such as programs capable of monitoring stock levels, to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses. EPoS systems are essential in a retail business, from managing stock levels, to processing sales, to gaining valuable customer information. They can also be linked to a business’s website as well, so sales and stock information from across the business can be found in one place.

There are a wide variety of EPoS systems available, from advanced systems with multiple terminals and extensive back office features, to simple and easy to use systems perfect for a small business starting out. You can also choose what elements you need for your business, from touchscreen terminals to cash drawers and from receipt printers to barcode scanners. Your system will bring together all the different elements involved in making and recording sales, making it easy for your staff to serve customers and yourself to manage information and monitor sales information.

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