Furniture & Fit Out : Lease cost £1,298.39/Monthly

WestWon provided a company based in London with a lease agreement for furniture and fit out via a WestWon Partner who supplies office furniture and fixings.

Capital Cost: £62,967.50 ex. VAT

Lease Rental: £1,298.39 ex. VAT

Payment Frequency: Monthly
Lease Period: 5 Years

Manufacturer Model Description Part No. Quantity
Ventilation System for Bin Store Condensors 1
Toilet Extract 2
LM 100mm Thick Full Height Stud Partitioning – Double Boarded 42
LM Single Glazed Partitioning 14
LM Plywood Strengthening 5
Abutments 14
General Boxing In of Soil Stacks/Dist Boards/Partitioning Above Doorsets Etc 1
Partitions Above Standard Height Glazing and Doorsets 1
Compact Fluorescent Downlighters 6
Emergency Light Fittings Upgrade 9
Localised Switching 10
Commissioning and OandM Manuals 1
Additional PIRs 4
Fluorescent Fittings 35
Structured Cable System – CAT 5e 38
Comms Room Cabinets 1
10 Way PDU 1
Patch Cabinets for Sub-Let 1
Psum – Security System 1
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