Forklift Lease

Thousands of businesses in the UK use leasing and business loans to support their growth. How can we help you?

Forklift Lease

Thousands of businesses in the UK use leasing and business loans to support their growth. How can we help you?

Forklift Leasing & Finance

Forklift easing is a great way to finance your fleet, it doesn’t tie up capital, allows for costs to be aligned with the lifecycle of the equipment and gives you the option to include maintenance, all for one manageable monthly fee.

WestWon has been financing forklift trucks for more than a decade, during that time we’ve helped companies large and small free up capital and invest in new efficient forklift trucks that cost less to run and are safer to operate. We partner with many different forklift manufacturers and suppliers to ensure you get the equipment you need at a price you can afford.

We can finance equipment of all sizes from a single electric forklift truck to a fleet of heavy-duty diesel-powered machines.

Why Choose WestWon?

Call us today on 01494 611 456 for forklift leasing. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly team can offer you a FREE, no obligation quote and answer any of your queries.

Forklift Leasing Calculator

1. For forklift lease enquiries over £100,000, please contact us directly on 01494 611 456.

2. The rental price indicated is for general guidance and is subject to credit approval.

3. Business users only.

Forklift Leasing Process

Forklift Lease Leasing process


Forklift leasing and finance

  • Reduces initial upfront investment and helps to align costs with the lifecycle of the equipment
  • Improves cash flow by leveraging off-balance sheet financing
  • Allows your company to benefit from predictable monthly costs and regular payment schedules
  • Can include maintenance as part of the monthly lease fee
  • Allows your business to benefit from the latest most efficient equipment without tying up capital
  • Adds flexibility to your fleet by allowing to add forklifts at short notice without any upfront investment
  • Short term forklift leasing further increase flexibility by helping you manage seasonal demand
  • Services for manufacturers and dealers


Forklift Leasing

forklift lease finance and leasing
  • Company
  • Lease Value
  • Term
  • Repayment
  • Rationale
  • Construction Company – needed for warehouse
  • £5,700 + VAT
  • 36 months
  • £171.79 + VAT per month
  • Financing a used Clark forklift to replace a broken forklift in the businesses warehouse.

Why lease your forklift through WestWon?

  • Unlike other leasing companies, we don’t dictate which manufacturers you can use. We work with all forklift truck manufacturers and dealers allowing you to choose equipment to suit your specific material handling requirements without compromise.
  • This not only allows you to negotiate a better price, it also allows you to specify non-standard parts such as extended forks which are often prohibitively expensive using manufacturer lease plans.
  • For customers that require multiple forklift types such as heavy-duty diesel-powered trucks for yard work and small electric reach trucks for warehouse work, leasing from WestWon allows you to choose the most efficient models from various manufacturers without being tied to one specific supplier.
  • Over forty years experience financing equipment

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Forklift lease

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