See below for WestWon’s furry friends!

Richard’s golden spaniel; Jackson.
Fun fact about Jackson: He is always busy sniffing and snooping and has the best nose in the business.

Georgia’s cute pooch; Buddy!

Fun fact about Buddy: Buddy is an intellectual that enjoys long walks and the occasional road trip!

Lucy’s Pug and French Bulldog: Minnie& Louis

Fun facts about Minnie & Louis: Minnie the pug only has one eye and her tongue doesn’t quite fit in her mouth, but we think this only adds to her cuteness! And Louis’ oversized ears earnt him his nickname… Batpig.


Jess’ sleepy kitten: Angus

Fun fact about Angus: Angus is a huge foodie!


Freya’s pup: Tilly

Fun fact about Tilly: Tilly loves her afternoon snoozes on the sofa!


Kat’s pooch: Binky

Fun fact about Binky: Binky is a world record worthy snorer! She can even be heard snoring from the next floor and the TV always has to be super loud to hear anything when she’s snoozing!

Tracey's chameleon

Tracey’s farm!

Tracey has one Chameleon named Charley, a tri-colour border collie called Dexter, a cat- Bramble and two chickens (Wendy & Florence)!

In Loving Memory:


Jo’s late dog, Dora.

About Dora: She lived until she was almost 12. She had a nack for finding a wet swamp on a hot summers day and Jo would more often than not have to do a walk of shame home with a very muddy dog!


Millie’s late dog, Hamish.

About Hamish: As a golden retriever he was known as a fluffier version of Marley and Me, and as a puppy he liked to steal hotdog’s out of strangers mouths at village fairs! He was known for his love of sausage (most foods actually) as well as a hater of anyone in high vis!

nathan's gerbil

Nathan’s late gerbil, Snowball.

About Snowball: Snowball was an active gerbil that spent most of his time working out in his wheel!