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Laptop Leasing & Finance

Whether you are a new start-up business or an established business, laptop leasing and financing is a fantastic way to make sure that your company has the best resources available to enable you to make your business venture a success. At Westwon, we believe in supporting businesses to reach their full potential.

Business has become increasingly reliant on the power of their computer systems in the past number of decades. Laptops have become especially important as workers need to be able to work remotely. Many start-up businesses start from the home, with a laptop being an essential asset to allow a business to thrive. With long commute times and the increasing complications raised by childcare, many employees now request the opportunity to work from home.

Why Choose WestWon?

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Benefits of Laptop Leasing

  • Cash flow

    You will be able to keep funds in your business to be used elsewhere

  • Alternative lines of funding

    You don’t have to use up a bank facility you already have

  • VAT

    On rental agreements, the VAT is included in the rental, not in a lump sum

  • Pay for the equipment as you use it

    Companies pay employees over time as they work, so why pay all the cost for laptops in advance?

  • The latest equipment

    Always have the latest laptops at your disposal by implementing a recycling strategy, whereby you replace equipment at the end of the lease term

  • Tax planning

    Using a lease rental agreement, 100% of your rental is deductible against your companies corporation tax

The Laptop Leasing Process

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Case Study
Laptop Leasing for an Expanding Company

A well established media and publishing company based in London made the decision to finance their Laptops and IT requirements

Case Study
Moving from PC’s to Laptops

A European office workspace company recently opened a second office in the UK. The decision was made to purchase laptops and tablets for the employees to become more mobile.

Introducing laptops at work

A good laptop provision allows your staff to work both within the home and at the office without the need for a different computer in both locations. With our growing global market, many business ventures require their staff to travel for work; a laptop allows a staff member to travel with all the information they may need at hand. Investing in laptops through business laptop financing equates to investing in your business.


How quickly can you arrange a lease for computers?

Applications can be accepted within a few hours and once documents are signed, the computer equipment can be delivered and the agreement activated within 2 working days.

How long can I lease laptops equipment over?

We can lease laptops over a period of 1 – 5 years. Most deals are made over 1 – 3 years due to the lifetime of the equipment.

Can I decide to keep the laptop at the of the agreement?

Yes, you have the option to purchase the equipment at the end. However, you also have the option to keep the equipment and continue the monthly payments or give the equipment back to us.

Can I settle early?

Yes. The finance company will work out a settlement figure based on how many rentals are left to pay.

What happens if the laptop breaks?

Under the terms of the agreement your laptop will be insured, so new equipment can be sent out.

Who maintains and services the laptop?

You as the customer are responsible for this.

How cheap are your rates?

We don’t normally lose business because we are too expensive. Our view is to give cheap lease rates and make sure we do more business together in the future.

I am a new start company, will I get credit cleared?

If you are a home owner and have a clear personal credit history, we should be able to source funds for you.

Can we get finance with a CCJ?

If the CCJ is satisfied and there is a good reason for the County Court Judgement, then we will argue your case. However, if you have an unsatisfied CCJ, then sadly we will struggle to get finance.

Another leasing company has said no, will you be any different?

WestWon specialise in IT equipment finance and with our wide range of funders, there is a good chance we will be able to provide you with finance.

Can WestWon recommend a supplier or manufacturer of laptops?

Yes, we work alongside a number of suppliers of computer and laptop equipment in a range of industries. We would be more than happy to put you in touch with a company who can assist.

Can I use my own laptop supplier?

Yes, you can pick a supplier of your choice.

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