28w 6ft LED Tube 30x1800mm Equipment: Lease cost £634.56/Monthly

WestWon provided a company based in Birmingham with a lease agreement for 83 28w 6ft LED Tube 30x1800mm via a WestWon Partner who supplies 28w 6ft LED Tube 30x1800mm equipment.

Capital Cost: £27,978.78 ex. VAT

Lease Rental: £634.56 ex. VAT

Payment Frequency: Monthly
Lease Period: 5 Years

Manufacturer Model Description Part No. Quantity
28w 6ft LED Tube 30x1800mm 83
22w 5ft LED Tube 30x1500mm 4
36w 8ft LED Tube 30x2400mm 6
LED GLS BC 10w LED Warm White 4
OE LED Panels 4
14w LED 2D Fittings 6
Floodlight LED 30w Black Lighting 3
Flat Panel 6500k 1200×600 4
Truwin 595×595 Flat Panel Col 5k 31
OE LED 150w HBR Low Bay Reflector 60
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