Cryosauna Finance and Leasing

Cryosauna Finance– a market set to grow in the UK

Probably, like most companies in the UK, we are looking for the next growth market. With cryosauna finance, we believe this is definitely a market set for major growth.

It’s clear that the health benefits to using these cryo machines and starting to become better known. Cryo machines are now being sold into a wider range of companies. Previously, it might be a health spa or football club. We are now witnessing more clinics being set up and hotels even looking to lease a cryotherapy chamber. As the understanding of benefits and number of users increases, so does the range of companies offering this service.

Why is cryotherapy chamber leasing set to grow in the UK?

With price tags of often over £50,000 +VAT, this can be a big investment for most organisations, especially is you are looking to buy multiple units. We are offering a lease arrangement to spread the cost up to five years. One of the key reasons why you would look to lease a cryotherapy chamber is to accurately amortise the price of the machine by the use. A lease covers all the costs of the equipment, including installation, training, maintenance and interest. You can simply divide the monthly rental by the number of times it is used to give an accurate cost per session.

Do suppliers and manufactures of cryotherapy machines offer a lease facility in the UK?

Some do and some don’t. It might be the cryotherapy machine supplier or manufacturer just does not understand how leasing works or they have not been asked for it before. One of the key reasons we see is just down the supply. For example, a cryo machine manufacture based in Poland but selling directly into the UK. They do not have the local knowledge of a good cryotherapy lease company. If you are a supplier or manufacture of cryotherapy machines, please call WestWon to talk about how we can help you lease to your customers.

What are cryotherapy chambers actually called in the UK?

Internally we refer to them as Cryotherapy chambers. Saying that, one of the first things we do is to understand how you – the supplier or end user customer of a cryotherapy chamber – refer to them.

Whole body mobile cryotherapy, cryotherapy machines, cryo cabins, cryotherapy sauna, weight loss machines, whole body cryo chambers and cryo recovery chambers (the list seems to go on) regardless of the name, if you are a UK company or organisation, we arrange lease finance for the system you are looking at.

Lease a cryotherapy machine through WestWon

Please call me ‘Scott Rogers’ at WestWon for more information. I head up our Gym and Fitness leasing division and responsible for cryotherapy leasing in the UK. I can be contactable on or give me a call on 01494 611 456.

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