Hospitality Finance

The hospitality industry is booming in the UK, and there are loads of great opportunities for businesses to expand and grow. At WestWon, we understand that to move your hospitality business forward sometimes you need new equipment, assets or an extra cash injection. From leasing equipment to providing loans, we are proud to offer some great hospitality finance options.

At WestWon, we treat our clients as partners and your success is vital to us. We have a great record in securing hospitality finance and providing our clients with flexible and affordable options. With over 50 UK funders and expert financial help and advice, we can provide industry leading rates and help you source exactly what you need.

Benefits of Hospitality Finance

  • Lease rentals are fully allowable against tax

  • Leasing makes budgeting easier as you have a fixed monthly repayment

  • You can pay for the equipment as you use it

  • We are another form of finance, no need to go to your bank where they may require guarantees

  • Keep your details confidential with “private” funding platforms

  • VAT is payable at 20% of each rental, no need to fund the VAT on the purchase price upfront

Hospitality Finance and Leasing Process

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WestWon can Finance an Entire Fit Out

Renovating rooms in a hotel might be a great way to increase your prices and profits, and hospitality finance from WestWon allows you to do just that. We can help you lease a range of assets from our hospitality industry suppliers so you can start generating income and using your equipment while you pay for it. From coffee machines for rooms to gym equipment for resort exercise suites, we can find the best asset leasing options for you and your business. It could be that your business just needs some extra working capital for the quiet season, and a short-term loan is the best way for you to move your business forward.

Our range of asset financing options can be perfect for updating and modernising your hospitality business. Instead of waiting and saving for new equipment that will increase your profits and grow your business, with our hospitality finance options you can start using the equipment straight away and generate income sooner. Spending on items that will save you money in the long run, like LED lightbulbs and waste management solutions can be spread out over time so you can pay them off with the money you’re saving. If you need to update your booking system or purchase new software, our leasing options split it into monthly instalments that are affordable.

Hospitality is a dynamic and ever-changing industry, and there can often be situations where you need assets or cash straight away. If your oven breaks and you run a restaurant, you’ll need to replace it as soon as possible so you can continue generating revenue. Our quick and easy finance services are perfect for busy hospitality businesses who need to respond quickly to circumstances. We understand that the hospitality industry has unique challenges and opportunities and that’s why our expert account managers will get to know you and your business.

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