Gym Equipment Lease Calculator

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2. The rental price indicated is for general guidance and is subject to credit approval.

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Lease Gym Equipment

Leasing gym equipment is the smart way gyms around the UK are purchasing their gym equipment. Whether you’re a new start gym, existing gym, leisure centre, health club, hotel or even a school you can lease gym equipment with us and we will find the best solution for you.

From leasing a single treadmill to funding the full gym project, including even the fit out, WestWon has the expertise to ensure you receive competitive rates and a 5* customer service. WestWon work with a range of gym manufacturers and suppliers offering gym equipment.

Leasing commercial gym equipment is one of the best things we do here at WestWon. We love the gym equipment market, we are passionate about fitness equipment and how gyms across the UK are enhancing peoples lives. Leasing a laptop might make your company more efficient, leasing commercial gym equipment promotes a healthier lifestyle and improves our general wellbeing. For us, it’s a great way to give back to the community and to get involved with something we really believe in.

Lease Gym Equipment Example

WestWon Gym Leasing
  • Company
  • Supplier
  • Value
  • Rental
  • Term
  • Equipment
  • Golf course, hotel, gym and leisure resort
  • Life Fitness (UK) Limited
  • £36,021.00+VAT
  • £1,169.00+VAT per month
  • Thirty-six months
  • 5 Cybex 627AT Arc Trainer

    4 Cybex 625C Upright Bike

    2 Cybex 625R Recumbent Bike

Leasing Gym Equipment- Benefits

  • Cash flow

    Allowing you to keep funds in your business for other uses

  • Alternative funding lines

    No need to use up an existing bank facility

  • VAT

    On rental agreements VAT is paid in the rental, not in full and upfront

  • Tax planning

    Using a lease purchase agreement, if your investment in assets in one year is £200,000 or under, subject to some HMRC conditions, this expenditure can be fully offset against Corporation Tax. For many customers, a lease rental is a great solution as all rental repayments are allowable against Corporation Tax

  • Budgeting

    A lease repayment covers the cost of the gym equipment and interest. This makes internal allocation of costs very easy

  • Budgeting

    It’s easy to budget for a fixed rental payment over a three or five year term

  • Pay for the equipment as you use it

    Would you pay a new employee three years’ salary in advance, probably not. So why pay for all the gym equipment upfront?

  • Latest Equipment

    Keep your fitness centre and gymnasium fresh and modern by having a recycling strategy via replacement at the end of the lease term.

Gym equipment finance for franchises, new start and existing gyms

Types of companies and organisations who lease commercial gym equipment

Whether you are a new start hotel that includes a gym, an existing franchisor opening up a new franchise in an exciting new location, or just refreshing the gym equipment in your existing gym, you wouldn’t be the first business to consider leasing their gym equipment.
We do not offer personal finance to individuals looking to buy gym equipment. Sorry if you are in this category and have found our details, we wish you luck with your purchase.

However….if you own a business and are looking to install a gym, maybe in your place of work which does happen to be your house, then we can still finance this.

The cheapest and best value gym equipment leasing deals

Leasing companies like financing gym equipment. As noted above, there are many leasing companies battling to win your business. We are a great bunch of people, knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness. However, if we cannot offer you the best value gym equipment lease, then you will go to our competitors.

We do not normally lose business when it comes to the best value leasing deal. Please call us and find out for yourself.

List of UK leasing companies that finance gym equipment

Most general UK leasing brokers will say they can offer leasing for gym equipment and to be fair they can. The list of these companies probably includes over five hundred leasing business’s in the UK. Like WestWon, some of them will have a dedicated employee or division specialising in the gym sector.

A range of gym and fitness equipment manufacturers will have their own internal leasing companies. Technology companies like Xerox, HP, IBM and Cisco, car manufactures like VW, Ford and Land Rover will have their own internal leasing division. They do this as they know they sell more product when advertising a leasing option.

Lastly, we have seen commercial gym equipment suppliers setting up their own leasing companies to serve their customers.

Why lease and use WestWon?

Leasing fitness equipment makes commercial sense

We hear from gym equipment manufactures and gym equipment suppliers in the UK that the market is still expanding. By default, more and more end user companies involved in the fitness sector are using leasing and finance to fund projects. Read below the section on Why lease gym equipment? for more information below.

We practice what we preach

WestWon have a team of thirty people based in different locations, an age group range between twenty to sixty and different backgrounds. Not everyone in our company is an Olympic athlete, but on average, we do have a team that understands and believes in the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Read our blog on Keeping Fit at WestWon to see how we practise what we preach.

Business loans, finance and leasing for a gym franchise

How to finance your gym franchise

If you are looking into setting up a gym franchise, then very quickly you will find it will chew up cash. The franchise operator normally will recommend a few companies to help with finance and it may be such they even will put the WestWon name forward. However, it is always good to have a second quote or another opinion as to whether you can get finance.

Why will a leasing and business loan company lend to a new start gym franchise?

Sadly, a number of new start gyms will not survive past a few years. Building a client base and reputation takes time, lots of effort and hard work.

A gym franchise has a brand. This brand might represent cheap pricing, open 24 hours a day or a quality experience/environment. The facts are simple and proven, the success rate for a gym franchise is significantly higher than a non-franchised gym business.

Companies that lend money – regardless if it is leasing or business loans – are focused on risk. In simple terms, if you sign a three-year lease for gym equipment, will you survive the three years and make all the lease repayments in full? The leasing company underwriters know a gym franchise business has a much better credit profile than non-franchised gyms. Hence, we like lending to gym franchises.

Looking to set up a gym franchise and want more information on leasing and business loans?

Please give Scott Rogers, the WestWon Gym Leasing Divisional Director a call on 01494 611 456 or email

What type of finance do you need for a gym franchise?

You will need your own capital. Without this, a bank would be reluctant to lend. They will need to see your “hurt” money. (i.e. if it does not work out, then you also have a lot to lose!)

Bank Loan

A bank loan will help pay for some of the big upfront costs:
• Franchise fee
• Rent deposit
• Fit out costsJust those three items above may be the best part of £200,000 in cash terms depending on the size of the premises

Business Loan

Our WestWon gym finance division can help you by providing a business loan. This loan can be used for a range of purposes and is totally separate from what a High Street bank will lend. It also will not affect the amount your bank will lend you.

Most new start franchise gyms will lease fitness equipment. However, we can also lease lots of other assets, as below:

What will a leasing company finance for a new start gym franchise?

• All the gym equipment
• Lockers, reception areas, signage
• CCTV, security barriers, security alarms
• Computers, software, TV’s and audio-visual equipment
• Furniture, fit out cost, ceiling tiles, bathrooms, dining areas, soft seating
• Coffee machines, catering equipment, kitchens

The list goes on…


What is the smallest and largest gym leasing deal you can do?

We can do any value from £1,000.00 + VAT upwards. Some gyms spend in excess of £1m fitting the premises out.

What is the average value of a gym leasing deal?

A lot of gyms normally spend about £40,000.00+VAT on a lease with us.

How long can I lease gym equipment over?

We finance gym equipment over a period of 1 to 5 years. Our most popular agreements are over a 3 or 5 year term.

Is there an advance payment?

Companies will often pay three months up front. Alternatively, we can take a one month deposit if needed.

What happens to the equipment at the end of lease?

There are 3 options available:

1.) You can return the equipment to WestWon

2.) You can continue paying your monthly rentals

3.) Buy the equipment outright for an agreed price.

Who insures the gym and fitness equipment?

You need to insure all the gym equipment.

I am a new start gym company, will you credit clear me?

If you are a homeowner and have a clear personal credit history, we should be able to source funds for you, normally up to £50,000. For non homeowners we can source funds up to £15,000.

I am an established gym trading over three years, what information do you require?

Often, we just take a look at the information in the public domain at Companies House. However, there are times when we will ask to see bank statements, last year’s full audited accounts and management accounts.

I have a CCJ / My company has a CCJ, will we get finance?

If the CCJ is satisfied and there is a good reason for the county court judgement, then we will argue your case. However, if you have an unsatisfied CCJ, then sadly we will struggle to get finance.

Another leasing company has said no, will you be any different?

Some leasing companies just do not like the fitness sector. It may be your existing leasing company is fully committed. It may be such you are asking for £50,000 and have said no, when if you asked for £25,000 they would have said yes. Often, we can obtain leasing finance even if another leasing company has said no.

How cheap are your lease rates?

We do not normally lose business because we are too expensive. Our view is to give cheap lease rates and make sure we do more business together in the future.

What happens if the equipment on lease breaks?

This is a matter for you to take up with your supplier. It may well still be under warranty, if not, you will have to pay the cost to mend it, the leaing company would not do this for you.

Can WestWon recommend an insurance company for my fitness company?

Yes, we partner with LRG Insurance Services who insure gymnasiums and fitness centres.

Can I use my own supplier of gym machines?

Yes, we can work with multiple suppliers of your choice on one agreement.

Can you lease gym equipment which is being bought from a foreign supplier?

Yes. It must be done by what we call a “sale and lease back.” You buy and pay for the kit, you then invoice our finance company and they will pay you back in full.

Can WestWon recommend me a supplier or manufacture?

Yes, we know a number of companies we could recommend to you. However, we would not recommend what type of equipment you should use or get involved in space planning or making recommendation about your gym design.

Can I pay the lease off early?

Yes. The finance company will work out a settlement figure based on how many rentals are left to pay.

Can I add more kit to the lease at a later date?

Technically you can, but nobody ever does. It is more cost effective to set up a brand-new lease.

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