Pod of 3 Desks Whit 2610 x 740 Equipment: Lease cost £3,217.16/Monthly

WestWon provided a company based in Hastings with a lease agreement for 9 Pod of 3 Desks Whit 2610 x 740 via a WestWon Partner who supplies office furniture.

Capital Cost: £99,849.80 ex. VAT

Lease Rental: £3,217.16 ex. VAT

Payment Frequency: Monthly
Lease Period: 3 Years

Manufacturer Model Description Part No. Quantity
Pod of 3 Desks Whit 2610 x 740 9
2 Drawer Mobile Pedestal White 428x60x564 27
Fabric Covered Screen with tool rail 1200×360 27
Metal A4 Paper Tray mounted to tool rail 27
Adjustable gas monitor arm for tool rail 27
Desk end 3 level tambour cupboards White 700x470x1142 6
Single Desk on beam frame 1600x800x740 9
Orangebox Joy High Back Task Chair 36
2 Door Cabinet White 800x360x745 1
2 Door Cabinet White 800x360x1800 2
Straight Supplementary Unit 800x600x740 1
3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal 428x600x564 5
2 Door Cabinet 800x360x745 White 1
Standing Height Meeting Table 1600Dia 1
Circular Meeting Table 1200Dia 1
GAMA Silver Cantilever Frame Meeting Chairs Black 4
NOVA Cabinet Sliding Doors 1600x363x74 White 1
3 Level Tambour Cupboards 1000x470x1142 White 6
Circular Meeting Table 1000DIA 1
GAMA Meeting Chairs 5
Silver Framed 4 leg Dining Table White 700×700 6
Blue Moulded Polypropylene Chairs 12
Red Moulded Polypropylene Chairs 12
Green Moulded Polypropylene Chairs 12
2 Door Cupboard 1000x425x1954 White 2
36 Pigeon Hole Unit with doors 800x425x1954 1
Adjustable Gas Monitor Arm mounted to Desk 6
Tambour Cabinet 1000x475x120 White with shelves/legs 2
Mezzanine Floor 23.5M x 5.8M c/w Stairs 1 off Part K (2013) 1200mm wide treaders enclosed 1
with yellow nosings. Decking 38mm high density tongue & groove particleboard P6.
Finish Black Galvanised
Pallet racking, 2T beams for finished goods with shelf levels & decking 1
Frame Height 7500/9500mm Frame Depth 900mm Beam Span 2700mm/1350mm
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