WestWon supplier portal

WestWon are pleased to announce the launch of their online supplier portal, believed to be one of the most advanced systems in the leasing market for suppliers to propose and monitor their lease portfolio.

The WestWon supplier portal will only be offered to authorised suppliers of WestWon. It allows suppliers to dial into the WestWon database and interrogate their customer portfolio. Speaking on behalf of WestWon, Jeremy Hall said ” Many years ago, we made the decision to move from a Maximiser CRM package to our own in house web based solution. This was designed with the supplier in mind, and our internal database systems has been developed around the supplier portal, not  the other way around. The portal is centered around the belief of communication and transparency. Suppliers do not just see the start and end dates of rental agreements, they can actually see a PDF of the agreement and all the surrounding paperwork.”

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