Carbon footprint

Cut down on your company’s carbon footprint

How big is your company carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is calculated by both direct and indirect sources of emissions. Direct emissions include an individual’s actions over a period of time that contribute to the world’s carbon pollution. Indirect sources of emissions include the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. This is because of manufacturing, transportation, or fuel extraction. The burning of fossil fuels is the main source of human produced carbon dioxide emissions. This is why energy sourced by renewables is the new and revered approach to powering your facilities.

Where to start?

Firstly, you need to identify your company’s material sources of carbon pollution. These include indirect emission sources. These include the fossil fuels that you use to power your facilities. The burning of fossil fuels is the main source of carbon pollution caused by humans. You may think that this is something that can be caused directly, and so you are not a part of it. However, companies have a large part to play. For example, here at WestWon, our lease deals contribute to the burning of fossil fuels. This includes when completing lease agreements for vehicles that are non-electric. Companies need to start working to amend this. This is also why in the COP26 meeting in November 2021, businesses pledged to do more for the environment. Read more about this on our blog on the COP26 meeting.

How to reduce my carbon footprint?

There are several ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint. These include making small or big changes to aspects of your lifestyle, including food, clothing, transport and energy and waste. You could limit and recycle your waste at work or turn down the heating, even if by just 1 degree. Furthermore, you could take public transport and buy from sustainable clothing brands. You could also limit your meat intake, whilst shopping from local businesses, as well as avoiding products with too much plastic packaging. You can also make larger changes such as installing renewable sources of energy. These include wind turbines and solar panels.

WestWon’s new initiative

WestWon has launched our new initiative, the biggest step we have taken yet to help the environment. It will not only reduce our carbon footprint but help to offset parts of our lease deals. This is a major step in the world of leasing. We hope that you and your company will also make the step to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Join us on our journey and take a look at our WestWon Woodland page now.

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