WestWon 2019 – Year Start Meeting and Motivational Speaker

WestWon 2019 Year Start Meeting A fantastic year ahead for WestWon, as the energy, drive and motivation was set high at the year start meeting last Friday. It was a great opportunity to get the team together and create the vision WestWon wants to achieve for 2019! We began by looking back over 2018, which […]

Gym Equipment Leasing For New Start Gyms

WestWon’s Gym Equipment Leasing If you are looking to start up a gym and are thinking about how to finance it, then read on, this guide is written for you. How to finance a new start gym? Let’s take a quick look at how new start gyms are financed in the UK. 1. Your own […]

Finance For My Customers

Finance For My Customers Offering finance to your customers is a great way to open more doors and close additional sales. Most suppliers of equipment, office furniture fit out companies, software authors – to name a few – will at some stage be asked for financing from a customer. Rather than say you do not […]

SME Finance UK

SME Finance UK WestWon have been leasing to the SME sector for nearly 30 years. The average value of our leases are £17,000.00. Saying that, we do numerous leases with values from £1,000.00 all the way to many millions. Over 90% of the leases we do are for UK SME companies. Why do SME Companies […]

Website Finance and Leasing

Website Finance Can you finance or lease websites and website development? Leasing and finance for website development There are companies that sell website templates that the average person can populate. For next to nothing, it is possible to have your own website. However, whilst this might be an option for some companies, for most larger […]

Software Finance and Leasing FAQ’s

Software Finance and Leasing WestWon have been leasing software for many years. We work with over 20 different funders that all lease software and as a result have arranged nearly 750 software leases for over £25.2 million in value. However, many IT directors still aren’t aware software can be leased or are not familiar with the […]

Furniture Leasing

Furniture leasing Here at WestWon, we have the experience and extensive knowledge in furniture leasing. We can equip your premises with the best furniture and fit out without having to use up your cash reserves or take out a bank loan. Supplier relationships Throughout the years WestWon have worked extremely hard to build a rapport […]

Start Up Companies Looking For Funding

Start Up Companies Looking For Funding Finance, business loans and leasing for new start companies in the UK In this article we look specifically at how we can arrange leasing and business loans for your new start company. What is leasing for new start companies? Many start up companies looking for funding consider leasing as […]

Hotel Equipment Leasing

Hotel Equipment Leasing The hotel industry is a type of business that requires constant maintenance throughout the whole premises. With the competition being so high in the hotel sector, it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest trends. The current major trends that hotels are investing their time and money into […]

Benefits of Leasing Equipment for Suppliers

Benefits of Leasing Equipment for Suppliers Stand out from all your competitors and consider offer a leasing options for the equipment your business may supply. Understand the benefits of leasing equipment and how it can have a positive impact on you winning more business.