Computer Leasing Small Business UK

Computer Leasing Small Business UK Here at WestWon, we are experts in providing small businesses with leasing options on all IT equipment including computers. We have just recently gone through the process of upgrading a number of computers. It was a project that we thought was going to be really simple and cheap. However… We started off […]

Small Ticket Leasing vs Big Ticket Leasing

Small Ticket Leasing vs Big Ticket Leasing What is Small Ticket Leasing? Many small companies desire to own new equipment, however wish to avoid going to the bank for a loan. The solution to this is called small ticket leasing. Small ticket leasing is a financial answer to help companies to lease assets without having to […]

Cryotherapy Facial Finance – The New Botox?

Cryotherapy Facial Finance – The New Botox? Have you heard about the ‘hottest’ new facial treatment – Cryotherapy Facial? It is a treatment that blasts freezing cold vapour across the entirety of your face and neck. The concept behind the treatment is to do what botox does but with cold exposure – frotox. The cold […]

Capital Equipment Leasing

Capital Equipment Leasing Capital equipment is a phrase used in the UK leasing sector to define items of equipment that are used to make, market, keep or transport products. At what value do UK companies capitalise equipment? The value at which you capitalise equipment will depend on your company policy. Some UK companies we speak […]

Acoustic Pod Finance – Advanced & Stylish Office Furniture

Acoustic Pod Finance Turn your work space into a new contemporary inviting area with WestWon’s furniture Finance. Starting a new office fit out project or just fancy bringing a new piece of furniture to your work space? Here at WestWon we can help you source the best office furniture alongside a fantastic finance package. Acoustic […]

Sale and leaseback Companies

Sale and leaseback Companies – WestWon can help! Sale and leaseback is a term that leasing companies use. Many of our customers will call the same thing, equipment refinancing. Sale and leaseback is a popular way for companies to raise finance on assets they already own. At WestWon, we have written hundreds of equipment sale […]

Floatation Tank Finance

Floatation Tank Finance Floatation Tanks are becoming a very popular health trend in the UK. However, some may say it’s a very expensive asset to introduce to your business. Here at WestWon, we are here to support your business and take any financial pressures off. This blog will discuss how WestWon can help you invest […]

Lease Repayment Calculator

Lease Repayment Calculator If you have searched “Lease Repayment Calculator” or “Leasing Calculator” on Google or Bing, you are not alone. It is one of the most popular search terms in the world of leasing. So much so, that the vast majority of our leasing sector pages now have their own personalised lease repayment calculators. […]

Equipment Refinancing

What is equipment refinancing? Equipment refinancing is a term used in business where a company raises finance on equipment they own. This is normally done by what is also known as a sale and leaseback. How does equipment refinancing work? You (a business) would review the assets and equipment you own. You will need to […]

Floatation Tanks- The Next Big Health Trend?

Floatation Tanks Forget traditional pedicures and massages, ease your mind and feel at peace with what is known as sensory deprivation, or more commonly known as floatation tanks. It is a growing market within the UK and a new trend that is benefiting a wide range of people. Health clubs and wellness centres around the […]