LG 32″ LG32LS53A Panel & Media Players: Lease cost £130.73/Monthly

WestWon provided a company based in West Drayton with asset based finance for 5 LG 32″ LG32LS53A Panel & Media Player via a WestWon Partner who supplies LG AV Media Equipment

Capital Cost: £6,460.16 ex. VAT

Lease Rental: £130.73 ex. VAT

Payment Frequency: Monthly
Lease Period: 5 Years

Manufacturer Model Description Part No. Quantity
LG 32″ LG32LS53A Panel & Media Player 5
Unistrut and Bracket System 5
CAT 5 Patch Cables 5
16 Port Switch 5

Chief LVM2x2U videowall stand : Lease cost £671.84/Monthly

WestWon provided a company based in London with asset based finance for 1 x Chief LVM2x2U videowall stand via a WestWon Partner who supplies Audio Visual equipment.

Capital Cost: £20,566.39 ex. VAT

Lease Rental: £671.84 ex. VAT

Payment Frequency: Monthly
Lease Period: 3 Years

Manufacturer Model Description Part No. Quantity
Chief LVM2x2U videowall stand 1 x
Display Manager DM-CCTS Cable Connector 1 x
Samsung UD55C Videowall monitor 4 x
Staging Direct 6 sq m Basic Stage 1 x

Ford Custom 290 125ips Van : HP cost £342.38/Monthly

WestWon provided a company based in Nottingham with asset based finance for 1 x Ford Custom 290 125ips Van via a WestWon Partner who supplies Ford vehicles.

Capital Cost: £17,841.05 ex. VAT

Lease Rental: £342.38 ex. VAT

Payment Frequency: Monthly
Lease Period: 5 Years

Manufacturer Model Description Part No. Quantity
Ford Custom 290 125ips Van 1 x

WestWon Attends Careers and Volunteers Fair 2014 at Bucks New University

Beaconsfield-based asset finance and leasing specialist WestWon exhibited at Bucks University’s Careers and Volunteers Fair on 27th November 2014 as part of the company’s on-going community engagement policy and with a view to establishing contact with potential recruits for sales and other roles.

The Fair is part of the University’s commitment to developing students who are enterprising, employable, and who can lead.  The University has a dedicated team of careers and employment specialists, who work in partnership with academic colleagues, employers and the Students’ Union to help students prepare for the world of work and provide opportunities for employability, enterprise and leadership development in a range of extra-curricular activities.

Students from a variety of degree courses attended the lastest Fair, including those studying Business & Management, Public Sector, Sports, Travel & Tourism, Creative and Graphic Art & Design, IT, Music Management and Furniture. Exhibitors included well known local and national companies including

WestWon Barclays Buckinghamshire County Council Berkshire Health Care HNS Trust Thames Valley Police  and Virgin Atlantic Airways

Representatives from WestWon’s sales team found the day useful and have compiled a list of potential candidates for future roles as a result.

WestWon at Bucks University Careers Fair
WestWon’s George Shillingford and Ryan Tackley at Bucks University Fair


For more information see http://bucks.ac.uk/learningandteaching/careers_and_employability/Careers_Fair_2014/Fair_Exhibitors/

For more information about WestWon Leasing for local businesses see www.WestWon.co.uk






UK Asset Finance and Leasing – Equipment Leasing Companies Report Growth Nationwide

Business equipment lease finance is a an increasingly attractive option for all types of UK businesses, growing by 53% year on year according to industry experts. Companies are looking for the best leasing deals with plant and machinery leasing and IT equipment leasing proving popular and an increasing trend towards office furniture and fit out leasing.

About Equipment Leasing
  • Leasing enables companies to pay for the equipment they need over a fixed period of time – typically two to five years through a series of contractual, tax deductible payments. Leasing deals offer:
  • Improved Cash Flow and Instant Return on Investment – By making monthly payments over the duration of the finance agreement, you can spread payments over the useful life of your equipment, rather than having to find the capital up front.
  • Tax Savings – Regular monthly payments can be tax deductible, making the acquisition of products and services more cost-effective.
  • Increased Flexibility for Future Upgrades – Technology changes rapidly, and avoiding obsolescence is key to staying ahead. By lease financing equipment, companies can expand or upgrade their systems as the need arises, often without an increase in monthly payments.
  • More Available Budget – Instead of spending lump sums on rapidly depreciating assets, businesses can allocate resources to where they’re needed most, giving you the freedom to invest in other areas of their business.
  • Fully Flexible for all Business Needs – Lease financing options can also fund applications and services such as installation and maintenance agreements, which are an essential aspect of most technology investments.
  • Unaffected Bank Lines – Our financing solutions have no effect on other borrowing options.


Leading UK Leasing Company

WestWon is a nationwide asset finance broker with partners and clients throughout the UK. We can assist all sizes of companies and organisations across the country to find the best leasing solution for their business needs – for all types of equipment and technology.

For further information about equipment leasing for businesses, call us now on Tel 01494 611 456 or email boris@westwon.co.uk

Equipment Leasing Boom – New Business up by 53%

Recently released figures the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) show 31% growth in asset finance new business during September 2014. New business has now reached over £2.5 billion, the highest monthly figure in almost six years. FLA members financed almost 27% of UK investment in machinery, equipment and purchased software in the UK last year.

Leading the charge is business equipment finance, reporting its strongest growth so far this year, with new business up 53% in September compared with the same month in the previous year. Plant and machinery finance, commercial vehicle finance and IT equipment finance were up by 22%, 16% and 15% respectively.

Commenting on the figures, Geraldine Kilkelly, Head of Research and Chief Economist at the FLA, said:

“September saw robust growth across all the key asset finance sectors. New business in the third quarter of this year increased by 21%, three times the rate of growth recorded in the second quarter. These figures clearly show that the asset finance industry, through the provision of leasing and hire purchase, is helping UK businesses to invest and grow.”

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has previously reported that two thirds of small firms expect to grow in the next 12 months and one in four plans to increase the amount of investment in their business. As a leading UK leasing company and FLA member, WestWon is helping organisations of all sizes to achieve their growth plans through the best equipment lease deals for their needs:


Key Reasons Why Equipment Leasing Is Growing:
  • Leasing Improves Cash Flow – By making monthly payments over the duration of a lease finance agreement, you can spread the cost over the useful life of your equipment, rather than having to find the capital up front.
  • Leasing Tax Advantages – Regular monthly payments can qualify as a tax deductible trading expense making the acquisition of essential assets more cost-effective.
  • Easier to Upgrade Business Equipment – Technology changes rapidly and avoiding obsolescence is key to staying ahead. With leasing you can enhance or upgrade your equipment as the need arises.
  • Leasing Increases Available Budget – Instead of spending lump sums on rapidly depreciating assets, you can allocate resources to where they’re needed most – giving you the freedom to invest in other areas of your business.
  • Business Equipment Leasing is Flexible – Lease finance agreements can be tailored to suit your particular business requirements and include whatever combination of business equipment and related services you require.
  • Leasing Protects Existing Lines of Credit – Our financing solutions have no effect on your other borrowing options, ensuring you can stay financially flexible.


For more information about business equipment leasing options download the Free Guide To Equipment Leasing or contact WestWon on Tel: 01494 611 456

Lease or Buy Your New Office Furniture and Fit Out?

Leasing office furniture and equipment is a great option for many companies depending on their office equipment and furniture needs, financial situation and line of business.

Often companies do not have or do not wish to tie up capital available to buy office furniture and equipment outright; or to finance a fit out or relocation.  Understandably companies are generally also not keen to tie up crucial bank credit lines for this type of project. Leasing allows them to spread the cost over two, three, four or five years, acquiring the solution that meets their long-term needs rather than that which their current budget and cash flow dictates. It also allows businesses to carry out refurbishments straight away. Lease payments are fixed for the term of the lease – normally 2-5 years – making it easy to budget for a monthly, quarterly or even annual payment and budget accordingly.

However, leasing office equipment and furniture ties businesses into an on-going agreement so it is therefore very important to think carefully about what the office furniture and equipment needs and also about the way the business is likely to develop in the future. Key factors to consider are how often a company relocates, how important is it to keep up with technology changes and is it important to use capital budget for R&D marketing or staff rather than office refits and refurbishments? In these cases, leasing may well be the ideal way to keep the workplace current and to ensure that upgrades can be organised with minimum hassle in the future.

Nowadays, the right workspace – including acoustics, lighting, flooring, decoration and furnishings – play an important role in attracting and retaining the right kind of staff. After all, creating an ergonomic space with appropriate tools for a person to do their job well benefits employers through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. But innovative, creative spaces normally require new equipment and furniture. With leasing companies can create the exactly right image and environment, deciding exactly what furniture and equipment they want (including a custom build) and have it financed under a lease agreement.

When deciding whether to lease or buy, companies should review their cash reserves, cash flow and credit lines, and ensure they understand the terms and conditions of the lease, for example, what happens at the end of the lease; are upgrades included; required insurance on the equipment as well as early cancellation fees. Understanding exactly what the business needs are and what the purpose of the office equipment, furniture or refit is will help companies to make the right decision.

Download the Office Furniture and Fit Out Brochure for more information about leasing your dream office.

See here for a free Office Move Project Planning Tool

Leasing Equipment and Related ‘Soft Costs’ Supports Faster Business Growth

WestWon Equipment Leasing is a leading provider of equipment finance options for UK businesses. With specialist experience in the IT lease marketplace, including software and services leasing, as well as Office furniture and fit out ,we are geared up to arrange lease agreements for large organisations through to small and new start businesses – anything from design agencies to dentists and delis.

One thing is clear when it comes to leasing: each business has its own drivers, goals and needs, so WestWon offers clients tailored leasing quotations to suit their requirements and circumstances.

Looking at a selection of our most recent leasing deals, it is also evident that there are very few barriers to leasing the equipment and related ‘soft costs’ that you need to succeed in your business sector. Leasing enables you to access the assets you need now without having to find all the capital costs upfront. And helps avoid technology obsolescence and disposals.

Ten Recent WestWon Leasing Deals

  1. Microsoft SQL Software 1 Server, 5 CALS Equipment: Lease cost £251.56/Monthly
  2. Premier 110RP with Yanmar 25 hp engine including:- Equipment: Lease cost £854.32/Monthly
  3. PDS Site Developer Software Equipment: Lease cost £287.78/Monthly
  4. Perkin Elmer Optima 4300 DV ICP Spectrometer Equipment: Lease cost £783.93/Monthly
  5. 8 Port POE Switch Equipment: Lease cost £69.88/Monthly
  6. Dell Optiplex Mini Tower Equipment: Lease cost £103.77/Monthly
  7. Office Furniture Equipment: Lease cost £466.37/Monthly
  8. Office Furniture & Boardroom Equipment: Lease cost £19,826.69/Monthly
  9. TomTom WORKsmart Track, Job & Traffic with Fuel Equipment: Lease cost £368.27/Monthly
  10. La Marzocco Linea 2 Group Auto Coffee Machine Equipment: Lease cost £281.16/Monthly

The leasing market has significantly evolved in the past few years and leasing now accounts for 28% of UK fixed capital investment and is used as a funding solution by 8 out of 10 Top 100 companies as well as approximately 750,000 UK small firms. It is therefore helpful to be fully up-to-date with how the market works and to ensure that your chosen leasing partner is well placed to help you achieve the most cost effective solution for your particular business needs.

For more advice on leasing and selecting a reputable leasing partner, download your free Essential Guide to Leasing for Business. Or call us now on Tel: 01494 611 456 for an informal discussion or tailored no obligation quote.

Popular Equipment Leasing Options For Business

Did you know you can lease almost any type of equipment for your business, often at very keen rates. So if, for example, you’re interested in spreading the cost of new capital investments over their useful life, simply decide what equipment or upgrades you require and ask a leasing company like WestWon for a tailored lease quote. Or why not use our online equipment leasing calculator right now for an instant outline cost?

Popular leasing choices: What are WestWon customers leasing?

IT Equipment Leasing

Leasing IT technology such as computers, tablets, servers, telecoms  and software allows you to improve performance by acquiring the latest technology without tying up capital or existing lines of credit.

Office Furniture and Fit Out Leasing

Leasing is the smart, tax efficient way to create an impressive yet fully functional office environment – without compromising your cash flow. It’s the ideal solution for new business start-ups, office moves or refurbishment projects.

Engineering Equipment Leasing

Whatever construction and engineering equipment, plant and tools you need to obtain or upgrade, WestWon can achieve the best possible asset finance package for your business quickly and simply.

Scientific & Medical Equipment Leasing

Leasing scientific and medical equipment – and fit outs for surgeries and consulting rooms – allows you to update essential assets on a more frequent basis, while keeping vital cash reserves in place.

Processing and Packaging Equipment Leasing

WestWon has provided asset finance for processing machinery for many organisations within the pharmaceutical, chemistry, food, and cosmetics industries, to name but a few.

Waste & Recycling Equipment Leasing

WestWon is a specialist in the waste equipment and recycling machinery lease finance sector and can work with you to find the most effective leasing option for your business needs.

Catering Equipment Leasing

Whether for setting up as a small business, a franchise, a concession or as part of a large organisation, catering equipment leasing  plays an important role in minimising upfront capital costs for essential new and replacement catering equipment.

Leisure Equipment Leasing

Whether for an electrolysis machine, or commercial gym equipment such as rowing machines, asset-based finance enables you to acquire the equipment you need without you spending your valuable cash.

Other Equipment Leasing

Call WestWon Customer Services now on Tel: 01494 611 456 for more information about leasing these popular assets or any other type of equipment for business.

UK Companies Take The Strain Out Of Business Relocations With Free Moving Office Checklists And Guides

DreamOffice.co.uk, the new interactive website designed to take the stress out of company moves, has just launched 7 new ‘Keyhole Guides’ to Moving Office. Written in plain English, the latest titles cover essential topics such as budgeting for an office move, finding the perfect location and tips about signing an office lease as well as insights into office furniture and fit-out and how to best manage IT in a transition.

Companies planning their office move can download these and other free moving office checklists and guides from the Dream Office website. They can also benefit from the Dream Office Moves free 7-stage Project Plan, which provides an easy way to build a personalised office relocation plan simply by answering a series of pertinent questions. And access the Perfect Partners for office moves.

The new free downloadable ‘Keyhole’ Guides to office moving are:
• Tips on signing a lease
• Furniture and fit-out
• IT and Comms
• Changing Company Culture With a Move
• Finding The Best Location
• Moving Office Mistakes
• How To Fund An Office Move & Save Money

Existing Checklists and Guides include:
• Budgeting and Financial Planning for Office Moves
• Checklist For A Successful Office Move
• Employer and Employee Relations

The Dream Office Move 7-stage project plan consists of staged actions, advice and information to help project managers and pinpoints both priorities and the best strategies to minimise risk when moving office. The office move project planner also generates a printable overview flow chart to visually guide users through each stage of their office move.

In addition, the Dream Office website offers a reliable means of sourcing Perfect Partners – established local suppliers that specialise in providing goods and services for businesses on the move. Whether for the supply or installation of equipment or for other professional services related to office moving such as new signage or furniture, Perfect Partner status ensures these suppliers meet WestWon’s high quality standards, based on many years’ experience in this field.

For more information please Tel: 01494 611 629 or Email: info@dreamoffice.co.uk


Dream Office is owned by WestWon Limited. See About WestWon