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Commercial Dishwasher Lease

Commercial dishwasher leasing is the solution many restaurants and caterers are taking up in order to access the best industrial dishwasher hardware. Whether you’re a fledgeling food outlet, established restaurant, pub, hotel or even a school, you can lease a commercial dishwasher with us and we’ll get you exactly what you need.

Commercial dishwasher lease is something we take very seriously at WestWon. We love the food and catering industry and understand the importance of letting the staff focus on the food and service, without unnecessary time and money being spent on cleaning the cutlery and crockery.

WestWon has the experience and expertise to find you the most competitive rates on commercial dishwasher lease no matter the scale of your requirements, and we guarantee 5* customer service at every stage. WestWon work with a variety of catering manufacturers and suppliers so we can finance any catering equipment you recquire . With access to over 50 UK funders we can provide you with the most competitive rates in the industry.

Why Choose WestWon?

Benefits of Commercial Dishwasher Leasing

  • Cash flow

    You will be able to keep funds in your business to be used elsewhere

  • Alternative lines of funding

    You don’t have to use up a bank facility you already have

  • VAT

    On rental agreements, the VAT is included in the rental, not in a lump sum

  • Pay for the equipment as you use it

    Companies pay employees over time as they work, so why pay all the cost for your equipment in advance?

  • The latest equipment

    Always have the latest machines at your disposal by implementing a recycling strategy, whereby you replace equipment at the end of the lease term

  • Tax planning

    Using a lease rental agreement, 100% of your rental is deductible against your companies corporation tax

The Dishwasher Leasing Process

WestWon - The leasing process - customer NEW

Dishwasher Leasing example

commercial dishwasher lease
  • Company
  • Lease Value
  • Term
  • Repayment
  • Rationale
  • A restaurant
  • £4,859.50 + VAT
  • 36 months
  • £158.52 + VAT per month
  • Financing of Maidaid Evolution 2021 pass through dishwasher & automatic water softener. Replacing broken dishwasher.

The lowest rates for your commercial dishwasher lease deal

Catering equipment like commercial dishwashers is a popular lease option for leasing companies. There are many of us competing in this space to win your business, and we all know a thing or two about the food and catering industries. We understand that if we can’t offer you the cheapest and best value commercial dishwasher lease you will go elsewhere.

With this in mind, we always do all we can to provide the best value leasing deal. Please get in touch and find out for yourself.


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Scaffolding Truck Leasing Calculator

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2. The rental price indicated is for general guidance and is subject to credit approval.

3. Business users only.

Scaffolding Truck Finance

Whether you are looking for a drop side or flatbed scaffolding truck, WestWon can offer you the most suitable finance option. Finance is the most cost effective and easiest way to get a scaffolding truck or a fleet for your business.

WestWon offer finance and leasing over a 1 – 5 year agreement, with the option to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

Over the years WestWon have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and experience within the scaffolding industry. You can get access to the latest scaffolding truck and equipment without needing to pay for it all upfront. We can equip your scaffolding company with all the appropriate materials: tubes, boards, fittings, netting and vehicles. With the great expertise we have, we are in touch with several suppliers that we are happy to recommend to you.

Why tie up all your cash, when you can release cash back in your business and finance your scaffolding truck(s) for a small monthly payment. We have access to over 50 UK based funders, which means we can provide you with industry leading rates and tailor it to your business needs. The process is simple, fast and efficient!

Why Choose WestWon?

Call us today on 01494 611 456 for scaffolding truck finance and leasing. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly team can offer you a FREE, no obligation quote and answer any of your queries.

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