How to Manage the Cost of a New Field Employee

Leasing equipment for new employees

Leasing equipment cuts recruitment costs

Building a team is an expensive task, and it’s only when you put your recruitment plan together that the true costs become fully visible.  Planning also helps you to see opportunities to spread the cost more effectively through new employee equipment leasing options.

Let’s take a look at the typical outlay for a field-based ‘Business Development Manager’ in the first six months.

Cost Overview

Recruitment fees if applicable                         £5,000

Accommodation & training                              £1,500

Six-month investment into salary                      £12,000 (after any profits)

*Car lease deposit and charges                      £3,600

*Furniture                                                            £1,000

*IT and software                                                 £1,500

Total                                                                   £24,600

So in summary it requires an investment of up to £25,000 to get the new employee fully up and running.

*Financing a car, computer equipment and associated office overheads – around 30% of the total cost (excluding recruitment fees ) – can help to make this process much less of a drain on cash reserves.

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