Jemini 1000mm Cantilever Bench Desk Equipment: Lease cost £448.18/Monthly

WestWon provided a company based in Derby with a lease agreement for 59 Jemini 1000mm Cantilever Bench Desk via a WestWon Partner who supplies Jemini 1000mm Cantilever Bench Desk equipment.

Capital Cost: £13,705.74 ex. VAT

Lease Rental: £448.18 ex. VAT

Payment Frequency: Monthly
Lease Period: 3 Years

Manufacturer Model Description Part No. Quantity
Jemini 1000mm Cantilever Bench Desk 59
Jemini 1600mm left-hand Cantilever Radial Desk Beech 3
Jemini High Back chair – blue 65
Jemini 2-Drawer Mobile Pedestal KF72081 8
Q-Connect Dry Wipe Board 1800x1200mm 2
Q-Connect Notice Board 1200x900mm 3
Arista 1200mm Round Meeting Table KF72048 2
Jemini 2-Door Stationery Cupboard 914x400x1806mm 6
Arista Bistro Trumpet Table KF838282 6
Arista Picasso Wooden Chair Set of 4 6
Q Metal Waste Bin 15 Litre 15
Photo album frame brushed aluminium 10
Jemini 1600mm right-hand cantilever radial desk beech 3
Q-Connect Dry Wipe Board 900x600mm 6
Q-Connect Dry Wipe Board 1200x900mm 4
Jemini Multi-purpose stacking chair 6
Addis Smart Round Bin Base 50 litre 8
Addis Smart Round Bin Lid 8
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