Printing Equipment Ideal for Leasing

Leasing for Printers

Equipment leasing makes sense for printing companies

Question: why is equipment leasing so popular in the printing industry? Answer: simply because it makes great commercial sense!

Anyone who has visited a printing company’s premises must have noticed just how much these businesses have to invest in buying machinery and equipment. Even a smallish print shop must acquire items such as digital copiers, guillotines, printing presses, laminators and strapping equipment.

Fortunately printing equipment can all be leased and, in most instances, it is. Key to this trend is the residual value – or resale value – of printing equipment.  As with a lease and return car lease, where the resale value of the car is high, the attractiveness of the proposition for the finance company grows.  Printing equipment tends to keep its value well thus reducing the risk for lending for the leasing company and increasing the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the transaction for the client.

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