A Wonderland World Of Connection Furniture At Clerkenwell

Reflecting on 2 days well spent at Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 visiting over 60 showrooms open to the trade and public, one display that really stood apart was that of Connection.

Not only was the Connection showroom in a beautiful location, it was staffed by extremely well-informed and enthusiastic staff, who guided visitors ‘Down the rabbit hole’ into a mystical story full of life and wonder (and quirky ‘Eat me, Drink me’ delicacies to sample on the way round).

First there were the ‘Queen of Heart Chairs’ – three chairs set out in a podium manner.  The red ‘queen chair’ – to fit the Queen of Hearts theme –  was the centre piece and was also decorated with a golden crown for added dramatic effect.

Round the corner was the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’, highlighting Connection’s new range of breakout furniture. With hats hanging from the ceiling, a vintage tea pot and sweets galore, the showroom definitely gave the Mad Hatter a run for his money

Next came the enchanted garden complete with giant multi-coloured spotted mushrooms, and also the place where the Cubbi’ and ‘Why S’ systems were on display. These systems have been created for short period breakout sessions for one or two people only and come with cushions created out of a material which was still comfortable but not as luxurious as the ‘Thynk back high chair’. The systems allow users to sit in comfort but not for an extended period of time, have in-built acoustics and cater for Skype calls.

Emerging from ‘the rabbit hole, visitors could then view the Hive break out systems and the ‘Xpresso one’ casual meeting range, which were also on show.

In terms of experience and imagination, Connection put on a wonderful display that was hard to beat. And the same could certainly be said of their furniture range!

For more information about leasing Connection furniture as seen at Clerkenwell, call the WestWon Office Furniture and Fit Out team on Tel: 01494 611 456 or download our latest Office Furniture Leasing Brochure.

Brewing Up The Ideal Office Furniture And Fit Out Solution At Wagstaff’s Showroom

Design Week has a reputation for showcasing the best creative ideas from the world of both design and architecture and one particularly successful addition to the event is Brewerhouse Yard.  Leasing Wagstaff furniture

Following last year’s successes at Clerkenwell Design Week, this year saw a celebration of the rich heritage of ‘Brewhouse Yard’, which, much to WestWon Leasing’s enjoyment, involved delicious food and presenting the long standing traditions of brewing tea as well as interesting product launches and a host of other entertaining events.

Throughout the event Brewhouse Yard was buzzing with busy showrooms, bustling events and a multitude of opportunities to meet and greet as well as the pull of  iconic companies such as Wagstaff, Davison Highley and Interstuhl.


Wagstaff at Brewhouse Yard (Clerkenwell 2014)

Wagstaff’s brand new showroom was located at 9 Brewhouse Yard at Design Week 2014. It really was a stand out show room – a turnkey facility that could be used by architects, designers and specifiers alike and reflecting the fact that Wagstaff are truly unique within the Design and Build and Office Furniture market. The company allows their clients to specify any product or service and offers a seamless turnkey service that simplifies logistics and makes sound economic sense.

Wagstaff were established in 1903, and are now seen as one of the largest and most comprehensive independent companies in furniture, interior design, fit-out marketplace. They have regional offices throughout the UK with 8 Regional offices. This allows them to cater for the whole of the UK and allows Wagstaff to be close to the clients and suppliers making the business thrive.

At CDW the many visitors to the Wagstaff showroom were ‘treated like royalty’ throughout a fascinating introduction to a whole blend of flexible office solutions that could be adapted to customer needs and tastes. These included AV solutions, an Interactive Specifications and Finishes lounge, Commercial furniture & Fit-out showrooms, Wi-Fi/ My-Fi Spaces and Collaborative Working & Acoustic Solutions.

As far as leasing office furniture and fit outs, there is virtually no barrier to the blend of products and services that can be included in a lease agreement save imagination. And there were plenty of innovative and creative ideas here to inspire customers. For more information about office furniture and fit out leasing, simply DOWNLOAD your free Office Furniture and Fit Out Brochure now.