challenges for businesses post lockdown

The biggest challenges for businesses post-lockdown

Within this blog I will be listing the biggest challenges that businesses will face post-lockdown. Now that national restrictions have been eased and we all strive to get back to normality, here are some matters we should all be aware of.

Employee Health Checks

The top priority for business leaders returning to offices post lockdown should be sustaining employee well-being. The absence of employees due to self-isolation periods have had huge effects on revenue. So, most companies (where feasible) have kept their operations running by going remote. Although, this might not be a viable option for your company. Or you simply might choose to get back into the swing of things, this is where you should be attentive and on the ball with regards to your Covid testing and precaution procedures. It won’t only ensure the health and safety of your employees but also benefit you long term.

Loss of connection

Getting back into the office even if you can work remotely is not a poor choice. It is important for many to get back to the more social way of life in the office. After all, in a survey conducted by Motivates, respondents were asked what the top five things that motivated them were:

  1. I have a good work life balance
  2. I have great peers
  3. My boss is good at saying thank you
  4. The office environment
  5. I have a motivating manager (Employee Benefits)

The loss of everyday social interaction can have detrimental effects upon the mental health of employees and can also be demotivating. Even now, for many, the richness of social interaction has succumb to zoom meetings.

Lack of Supplies

Many companies are still facing issues with lack of supplies due to the halt of production in China. Therefore, there is a global struggle with shortages after the easing of Covid-19 restrictions as prolonged disruption to international shipments, production stoppages and a lack of key components collides with increasing demand for goods and services. However, more nationally, Brexit and its disturbances upon EU trading have also had an impact upon these shortages.


Business leaders are having to examine the entire chain and resolve any part that may have collapsed during lockdown. It has been easier for executives to lose touch with what is taking place in different areas of the business as everyone is no longer in the same space. This places more importance upon leaders actively ensuring that they are updating themselves with the whereabouts of business movements- whilst also providing enough information to employees. Therefore, communication is key now more than ever.

 The New Normal

As much as everyone is trying to resume to normality, there are lockdown life habits that will stick around that will affect businesses for months to come.

These include:

  • People are more cautious with their money now due to the economic uncertainty.
  • Restaurants will suffer where more people want to stay safe and continue to get home deliveries instead of sitting in.
  • More people are online shopping now; so, brick-and-mortar stores will suffer from this shift.
  • More people are choosing to work remotely indefinitely as the pandemic has proved it possible.

These are just a few examples of consumer behaviour that will continue beyond lockdown. The pandemic has forced companies into a virtual realm in which many will remain.

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