WestWon Signs Lease Funding Agreement with Grenke

WestWon Limited has announced that it has set up a new line of finance with leading European IT and office equipment funding specialist Grenke. The agreement heralds a welcome return for the German asset finance company after its withdrawal from the UK leasing marketplace during the credit crunch of 2008.

The new funding facility will accelerate WestWon’s penetration of the photocopier and telecoms leasing sector. The news comes on the back of WestWon’s recent acquisition of AB&C Finance PLC with its portfolio of telecom customers and suppliers as well as the company’s recruitment of a new Business Manager, a specialist in photocopier leasing.

According to WestWon’s Head of Operations, Kevin Stocker, “Having Grenke on board is very positive news for WestWon, for our customers and for our suppliers.”

“Not only does it underline our commitment to providing highly competitive finance services for telecoms and photocopier transactions in the £5,000-£100,000 range, it also clearly demonstrates that international confidence has returned to the UK leasing and asset finance sector,” he concludes.

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