Renewable Energy

Why renewable energy sourcing is the way forward

Did you know a report published in 2017 revealed that just 100 corporations are responsible for over 70% of the world’s carbon emissions since 1988? Knowing that businesses are to blame for most of the planet’s fast decline is worrying. So, whether you’re an SME, or fully established corporate giant, we should all be looking to more sustainable ways running of our businesses. During this blog, I will be outlining some ways in which your company can make positive changes in favour of the planet.

The benefits of renewable energy for your business:

• A rather obvious one but, saving our planet. This should be in the forefront of all our minds. A great example of how much nature benefited from our absence was when the pandemic hit. A time when the world as we know it came to a halt. In the UK alone carbon emissions dropped by a whopping 48%!
• Positive PR for you. The increased emphasis upon our current climate crisis has pushed many to boycott giving business to non-sustainable brands.
• Improved return on investment. According to Forbes, renewable energy sources are giving much better returns than fossil fuels in the UK. Within a 5 year period, UK investments in green energy yielded returns of 75.4%, as opposed to only 8.8% for fossil fuels.

Types of renewable energy you should consider for your business:


Solar Panels

Solar energy is considered the cost effective of all renewable energy sources. Sunlight is our most abundant source of energy. Did you know that the amount of solar energy that hits the earth’s plane in just one hour is more than enough to source the world’s total energy requirements for a year? Just imagine the reduction in carbon emissions if all businesses transitioned to this clean and abundant source of energy.

However, we are mindful that solar panels can be fairly expensive to purchase upfront, despite the ultimate return on investment. That is why we believe finance is the best option for businesses looking to contribute towards a healthier planet, whilst also conscious of their cash flow health. You can learn more about solar panel finance and use our free lease calculator here.

Wind Turbines

Wind is also a bountiful source of energy and can generate power on a huge scale. This renewable energy source actually surpasses all other renewable energy sources in power. However, these energy sourcing giants have a hefty upfront cost. But this is where we can help. We can break this cost down into more affordable amounts with terms from 2-7 years. Learn more about acquiring a wind turbine to fuel your business through a finance option here.

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