Why WestWon is now a paperless office

Why WestWon is a paperless office

WestWon is dedicated to helping the environment, and one way we can prove this includes being a paperless office. In this blog, there will be many ways on how WestWon are striving to be more environmentally friendly. It also includes how you and your company can be more environmentally responsible.

WestWon’s paperless office

One of the ways that WestWon is contributing towards being more eco-friendly is by being a paperless office. Here at WestWon, we have managed to eliminate the usage of all unnecessary paper documents. We have done this by using our state-of-the-art online portal. This has meant WestWon is able to function almost entirely online. Additionally, any paper that we need to throw away is recycled or shredded. This is so that it can be of no extra harm to the environment.

Ways that you could contribute positively to the environment:

  • You too could make your office a paperless one. The benefits of using less paper around the office are huge. Whether it’s printing less and only when its necessary or taking paperless notes. Additionally, saving files to an online storage system is also very impactful. By reducing the amount of paper you use, the obvious advantage is the prevention of trees being cut down. This also eliminates the energy needed to convert these into paper. The process of recycling will also help reduce the amount that lies in landfills. You could even take this one step further by supplying your office with sustainably sourced recycled paper.
  • You can also introduce days in the working week where everyone works together to be more eco-friendly. This includes small changes such as sharing lifts to work to reduce vehicle emissions. Other ways are by having zero waste days. This is where you challenge your employees and colleagues to waste nothing for a day. A way to take part in this would be to bring your own lunch to work. This saves any plastic packaging that you would otherwise use.
  • Another, possibly larger, but therefore more impactful change that you could make in the office is LED bulbs. These are bulbs that are 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. It works by passing an electrical current through a microchip which results in its visible bright light. According to market research, most of them cost less than £10. Due to the energy and time savings they can amass for you, they are well worth investing.

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Just by implementing small changes throughout the office, it makes a big difference in the grand scheme of things. This is why here at WestWon we felt it was so important to become a paperless office. In the future, WestWon hopes to introduce more eco-friendly projects that comprise of the same green values we believe in. For more information on any of the information above please give a member of the WestWon team a call on 01494 611 456 or email us on hello@westwon.co.uk. You can also see more over on our LinkedIn page.

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