Advantages Of Leasing A Lenovo Server

At the beginning of 2014 China’s Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC maker, announced it was taking over over IBM’s low-end server business for a cool £1,4bn, encompassing IBM’s System x, BladeCenter and Flex System products.IBM has however retained its powerful mainframe and storage business and recently announced that it would invest more than $1bn in a new division based around its Watson supercomputer, and $1.2bn expanding its global cloud computing business.

Lenovo bought IBM’s PC business in 2005, featuring the ThinkPad range. It has since diversified into smartphones and tablets, and overtook Hewlett-Packard as the world’s top PC maker in 2012.

According to the Finance & Leasing Association, IT equipment finance reported year on year business growth of 14% from January 2013 – January 2014. Leasing IT and computer equipment is a trend that shows no sign of diminishing and for good reason. With the rapid pace of technology change, many businesses are asking themselves: “Why purchase hardware such as Lenovo servers and software when it risks becoming obsolete so quickly?”

5 Reasons To Lease Lenovo Servers

Leasing Servers improves cash flow – Leasing removes the need for major upfront capital investment and protects your cash flow and existing lines of credit.

Leasing servers is quicker to arrange – The process for securing a leasing decision in principle is generally less onerous and time-consuming than for securing a bank loan.  

Leasing Servers allows you to keep up to date with technology – Leasing is great if you require cutting-edge technology as it is easier to make on-going changes server capacity and to afford a more sophisticated solution than you might afford if you had to pay for everything upfront.

Leasing could possibly benefit your balance sheet – There can be tax advantages to leasing rather than purchasing IT and server equipment.

Leasing can solve server obsolescence issues – Leasing a server offer built-in protection against obsolescence and a safe way to dispose of old equipment.

For more information about your IT leasing options call WestWon on Tel: 01494 611 456. You can also download a leasing fact sheet about IT technology and server leasing: Asset Finance for IT equipment and projects

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