Choose WestWon As Your Office Leasing Partner

Leasing allows your customers to acquire the office furniture and fit out services they need now … and pay for them over time.

And, of course, your business receives full payment straight away.

Why choose WestWon as your Office Leasing Partner….

  1. We SPECIALISE in the Office Furniture and Fit Out sector – download our DREAM OFFICE furniture brochure for more information. Or call Tel: 01494 611 456 to request a hard copy.
  2. We INVEST in generating business.  We consistently rank in Google searches for office furniture and fit out leasing.  If customers haven’t found a supplier yet, we pass leads to our leasing partners – businesses like yours!
  3. We fully ADMINISTER leasing deals on your behalf – from producing great rate instant quotes to paying out your invoices fast.
  4. We INNOVATE so you can be first on board with exciting new concepts such as our Online Furniture Leasing Shop.
  5. Many more benefits – just ask!

Call us now on Tel: 01494 611 456. We’d love to hear from you.


More about WestWon

WestWon is a leading furniture leasing company, providing asset-based finance for all types of organisations throughout the UK and N. Ireland.

Using the latest online technology our goal is to help our partners to grow their businesses through the provision of leasing services.

As a member of the NACFB and FLA, WestWon we fully endorse the principles of transparency in all our transactions, adherence to industry best practices and service excellence.


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