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Clean Air Day 2022- let’s clear the air

Today is the day that we bring awareness to our air pollution issues and the dire consequences that it has upon not just the health of the planet, but also humankind and wildlife.

Did you know that dirty air affects 97% of UK homes according to data from 2021? Air pollution affects us all, in and outside of our homes. Air pollution can cause an array of health issues, especially respiratory conditions. Ranging from asthma to lung cancer, the effects are becoming increasingly detrimental to us all. However, according to the highest predicted disease to come of consistent exposure to moderate air pollution is coronary heart disease.

What is air pollution and why should we prioritise making it cleaner?

Air pollution happens when toxic gases, smoke and dust join forces with the air that then cause problems for all life on the planet as well as the actual planet itself. In fact, the thinning of the ozone layer was caused by air pollutants that come from manufactured chemicals. And even though UV radiation only accounts for a small percentage of global warming, it is still a component that we can avoid through reducing our use of solvents and propellants. And one of the most common propellants is the infamous CO2.

Carbon dioxide also indirectly impacts levels of carbon pollution through the warming of the planet. And as a result, smog is produced.

Nitrogen levels are also too high, and this has a knock-on-effect upon our wildlife. This is because pollinating insects get confused by its presence in the air and as a result miss out on up to 90% of their plant visits. Therefore, wildlife suffer due to a shortage of their food, nutrients as well as shelter.

What are we doing to reduce CO2 levels?

We have created the WestWon Woodland in our efforts to remove 7,500 of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2027. We are working towards this goal this through the planting of 100,000 trees across the globe. Within 6 months, alongside our customers, we have managed to plant just over 10% of our overall target.

We are also getting involved in an interactive local Business event centred around today. This is so that we can keep well informed of updates and new ways for our business to get involved in making a difference. We believe this will be a great opportunity for us to share green ideas with our local community of businesses.

How can you help?

We hope that our green agenda inspires other businesses to get involved too. No matter the size of your business, we can all help do our bit.

You may feel impotent as an individual with regards to saving the planet. But by applying a green mindset to your business as well as personal decisions, can contribute massively to a much wider impact. And it can not only help protect the planet, but some of these sustainable implementations can actually help you save some cash too.

Here are some budget friendly ways by which you can protect the future of our planet:


Renewable energy sourcing

Solar panels are the most cost-effective source of energy, especially considering the recent surge in energy bills. The sun is one of our most abundant sources of energy that isn’t due to go anywhere any time soon. So, you might as well take advantage of the life-giving beams whilst also saving yourself some pennies with incentivising ROIs.

You can read more about renewable energy sourcing here.

Install LED lighting

Similarly, by installing LED lightbulbs you are not only being more energy efficient, but also more cost efficient. LED lightbulbs are 90% more energy efficient than incandescent lightbulbs. Due to the energy and cost savings that they can provide you, they are well worth the consideration if you haven’t already!

Encourage greener commutes

This means perhaps setting incentives, or just generally motivating your employees to make their way to work sustainably. This could be opting towards public transport, walking, cycling, or even carpooling with employees that live nearby.

Alternatively, if possible, offer hybrid or remote working options for your employees. This will save them their trip as a whole!

Go paperless!

Going paperless is a great way for your company to save trees, money, and potentially space. We have been a paperless office for just over 10 years now and have never looked back.

In the new digital age, paper is no longer necessary in many offices where it is still used. Instead, by using cloud-based systems, all documents can be found in one place and no trees are harmed.

You may also find that by using this approach you will create more space that was beforehand used for file storage. And, depending on the volume of physical documents that you store, you may end up freeing up an entire room! This room could be used for a different purpose, or perhaps maybe bring in some extra income through letting it out. Not to mention the money you would save on the paper itself!


Introducing a recycling system at the workplace is also a great way to get involved without breaking the bank. This will encourage employees to recycle waste at work as well as at home.

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If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help clean our air and how we may be able to support you in doing so please get in touch. Give us a call on 01494 611 456, or send an email to

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