Employers Now Financing Laptops and Tablets

Lease tablets

Employers are leasing tablets as well as laptops

Tablet sales are already growing exponentially, and this trend is set to continue. So far, schools and blue chip companies – typically those with a large external sales force – have been the first to use lease rental to acquire large numbers of tablets.  Over the next few years, SME companies will follow suit as their staff also start to use tablets as a standard business tool.

“Research indicates that companies will soon be supplying their employees with a tablet, mobile phone and computer, and all three will communicate effectively together. The ensuing productivity benefits will make this a worthwhile investment, but it will be a significant change from today’s scenario where the company simply provides a laptop and employees buy their own mobiles and tablets” notes WestWon’s Jeremy Hall.

Acer, Asus, Blackberry, Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba are just a few of the most popular tablets. And with an RRP of between £169 and £579, companies contemplating bulk purchases and a steep upfront increase in costs may well find technology leasing a more attractive option than purchase – especially where the agreement includes insurance and extended warranty.

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