Lease your Warehouse Fittings

Warehouse fittings can be leased

Lease or buy warehouse fittings

During our time in business, WestWon have financed many warehouse fit outs.

  • Lease LED lighting
  • Finance you Lantech pallet wrappers or Lantech shrink wrappers
  • Rent your mezzanine flooring
  • Hire a fork lift truck
  • Lease air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems
  • Rent warehouse racking
  • Finance pallet racking systems for narrow aisle, double deep or wide aisles
  • Anti-collapse mesh or frame systems
  • Lease partitioning and shelving
  • Finance your shrink wrapper or packaging machines
  • Lease trapping machinery

The list goes on. Certainly, buying a warehouse and fitting it out is a capital intensive project even though the upfront investment should be paid back in the long run through increased efficiency and staff productivity. Where there are capital budget restrictions, using leasing and finance facilities is an excellent way to acquire the warehouse equipment assets you need today, whilst allowing you to pay for them over their useful life. #assetfinance


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