Equipment Leasing Delivers Definite Benefits For Local Dorset Businesses

From Dorchester to Bournemouth, businesses across Dorset are increasingly recognising the benefits of local equipment leasing to finance capital investments in equipment and machinery to drive growth and increase productivity.

Dorset has a prosper business community of over 33,500 businesses and is home to international or UK headquarters of many world leading organisations such as AIM Aviation, Dorset Cereals, Sunseeker International, Lush, Farrow & Ball and Merlin Entertainment. The advanced engineering sector employs around 15,400 people and contributes £800m to Dorset’s economy. While, the Food & Drink industry provides 12,500 jobs and is one of Dorset’s most important industrial sectors, with companies such as Ryvita, Organix baby foods and Dorset Cereals.

Local leasing deals not only allow businesses in a variety of sectors to improve performance by acquiring the latest technology without tying up capital or existing lines of credit, but they also protect against future obsolescence – a major issue for IT and computing equipment. Plus, leasing payments offer considerable tax benefits, and can even be tailored to match the seasonal cash flow of a business.

A wide range of equipment, from IT hardware and software to packaging machines and medical technology, can be leased. Other leasing options include general office equipment such as furniture and photocopiers. In fact, almost any type of tangible equipment can be considered for leasing.

Local leasing company WestWon Limited has many years’ experience working with organisations in the private and public sector in the county of Dorset, helping them source manufacturers and equipment as well as arranging flexible lease agreements. The company is well placed to provide businesses with a tailored local service with over 220 partners and suppliers in the county, which includes over 60 in Poole, 30 in Bournemouth, 28 in Wimborne and 27 in Dorchester and Christchurch.

For more advice on leasing and how to choose a reputable local leasing partner, download your free Essential Guide to Leasing for Business.

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