Computer Leasing for SME's

Computer Leasing for SME’s

Here at WestWon, we are experts in providing small businesses with leasing options on all IT equipment including computers. Just like any other business, WestWon has experienced first hand what a simple investment can sometimes turn into. A few years ago, we went through the process of upgrading a number of computers. It was a project that we thought was going to be really simple and cheap.


We started off by speaking to a few computer suppliers and working out what computer manufacturer we should go with. Eventually, quotes began to come in and it came to our attention that it was not going to be as cheap as we thought. Our £400 budget per device had doubled to £800. To make matters worse, we were looking to buy new computers for our operations team, which meant we had to update our marketing personnel. What was going to be a simple and cheap solution started to look to be a £10,000 plus investment!

Furthermore, other employees started to mention that their two-year-old Lenovo laptop were slowing down too. The word went around one of our other offices at the time, meaning we were starting to realise it was going to be a complete IT refresh. After all this, we were looking at a £20,000 investment!

SME’s replacing one computer at a time or a complete IT refresh

Our situation is the same as many SME’s in the UK. What starts off as a modest IT replacement program turns out to be a complete refresh. Our key question at the time was, do we replace a couple of computers every month or just do them all at the same time?

Clearly there are benefits to both options. If you have limited internal IT resources, changing a few every month makes sense. Also, if you’re paying cash, it’s easy to cash flow this out of existing finance. However, it’s often cheaper for an IT company to change all their computers and laptops at the same time. It also stops all issues regarding who gets upgraded first!

One of the key challenges a small business has with regards to buying new computers is how to pay for them. This is where leasing should be at the forefront of your mind, and where WestWon can help.

Leasing enables you to own the equipment without any large initial outlay

We can organise a computer lease for your business. It’s a very quick and simple process as seen below…

  1. You choose the computer manufacture and model
  2. You ask your supplier for a quotation giving the capital cost
  3. We will then provide you with a free no obligation leasing quote
  4. Give us a call when you are ready to proceed
  5. We look to obtain a credit acceptance within the first 24 hours
  6. The agreement is then emailed to you. You can sign and return it to us
  7. Your equipment is ordered and then delivered
  8. Only once you have confirmed the delivery will the monthly payments start

Contact Us

If you would like any more information on computer leasing for SME’s, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Either give us a call on 01494 611 456 or alternatively email us on You can also see more over on our LinkedIn page.

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