leasing and finance jargon buster

Leasing Jargon Buster Part 2

Due to the success of our recent blog “Leasing Jargon Buster” we decided to add to the vast vocabulary of the leasing and asset finance world. So, read on to gather a few more leasing terms under your belt…

Personal Guarantees

A personal guarantee is whereby the lessee becomes personally liable should they become unable to make agreed repayments.

Personal Net Worth Statement

This is a snapshot of a person or company’s financial health at particular point in time.

KYC check

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. Therefore, these checks entail verifying prospective customers against fraudulent or illegal activity. This is an important check for those who work in the finance sector to conduct.

Residual Value

The value of an asset as the end of its lease period.

Balloon Payment

A balloon payment is a larger payment made at the end of a finance agreement. This is a way of keeping the fixed installments low throughout the lease period to then compensate for that will one larger payment at the end.

Flat rate

A flat rate means that your cost of interest remains the same throughout your agreement term despite how much you have already paid off.

Management accounts

Management accounts are financial reports made for business owners and directors to evaluate their profit and loss. They are usually produced on a monthly or quarterly basis and are similar to year end accounts.

Sale and Leaseback

AKA equipment refinancing. This is a type of finance agreement where you can raise funds against existing equipment. So, you will give ownership of your equipment to a finance company, they will then reimburse you and you will then spread the cost of the asset over an agreed period to use the asset.

So, for example, a dentist outright purchases a CBCT scanner for their business, they then regret this purchase after noticing cash flow problems. They want to keep the equipment because it adds value to the business but could do with some extra cash in the business. The dentist is then enlightened to the benefits of sale and leaseback where he is reimbursed for his purchase and pays affordable monthly repayments to use the equipment.

Read more about Sale and Leaseback here!

Certificate of Acceptance (COA)

A certificate of acceptance is a document signed by the lessee acknowledging that they have received their asset and therefore can now begin repayments.

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