Construction Equipment Finance

Thousands of businesses in the UK use leasing and business loans to support their growth. How can we help you?

Construction Equipment Finance

Thousands of businesses in the UK use leasing and business loans to support their growth. How can we help you?

Construction Equipment Finance

There is no doubt that having the right kind of construction equipment is vital for any builder or construction company. Having the right machinery for the job in hand will not only make for a better result but also enable you to get the job done quicker. Construction equipment finance is the perfect solution for you.

Here at WestWon, we specialise in providing a construction project finance solution, you can get access to the latest construction equipment, without needing to pay for it all upfront.

Whether you are a sole trader who needs new construction equipment or a larger construction business that requires it, we can cater for a wide range of businesses. For most construction companies, cash flow is something that can be tricky. By leasing your next piece of construction equipment, you are preserving your cash flow rather than tying it up in machinery. Put simply, it gives the most affordable and fastest way to finance that next digger or jackhammer. If you are looking for construction scaffolding equipment, please visit our scaffolding page.

Why Choose WestWon?

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Construction Equipment Leasing Calculator

1. For enquiries over £100,000, please contact us directly on 01494 611 456.

2. The rental price indicated is for general guidance and is subject to credit approval.

3. Business users only.

The Construction Equipment Finance Process

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Benefits of Construction Equipment Finance

  • Cash flow

    You will be able to keep funds in your business to be used elsewhere

  • Alternative lines of funding

    You don’t have to use up a bank facility you already have

  • VAT

    On rental agreements, the VAT is included in the rental, not in a lump sum

  • Pay for the equipment as you use it

    Companies pay employees over time as they work, so why pay all the cost for construction equipment in advance?

  • The latest equipment

    Always have the latest equipment at your disposal by implementing a recycling strategy, whereby you replace equipment at the end of the lease term

  • Tax planning

    Using a lease rental agreement, 100% of your rental is deductible against your companies corporation tax

Construction Equipment Leasing example

  • Company
  • Lease Purchase Value
  • Term
  • Repayment
  • Rationale
  • A plant hire company
  • £12,950 + VAT
  • 24 months
  • £568.00 per month
  • This company leases every piece of plant equipment, before sub-hiring these to their customers.

Financing Construction Projects – WestWon’s Experience and Expertise

We have been in business for 40 years and during that time have helped many businesses lease the equipment they need to keep working. This gives us a wealth of experience that we use to assist our clients in finding the best lease deals on the market. Our customers are at the heart of what we do and we always strive to give the best service available. Providing construction finance for builders, scaffolders, landscape gardeners and a wide range of industries that require heavy equipment.

WestWon have spent many years developing close relationships with the most well-known construction equipment suppliers and manufacturers on the market. This means that, when you choose to lease through us, you get the latest and best quality equipment to choose from. We also work with 50 of the top UK funders to give our customers the best lending rates around.

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