How Much Does It Cost To Lease New Machinery And Equipment?

A major cost benefit of leasing is that it allows businesses to spread the cost of new equipment over its useful life.  Payments for equipment finance can be made on a monthly, quarterly or even annual basis over a number of years, typically 2-5 years. But how much does it actually cost?

Well, it is now easier than ever to compare lease versus buy costs using WestWon’s instant online leasing calculator.

If you know how much the equipment you require costs, you can calculate the rental payments over your preferred rental period within seconds. Simply enter the capital cost and your chosen lease rental term, and hit the calculate button for an immediate answer.

You can also have a copy of the quote emailed to you or another person for easy reference.

Leasing versus buying? It’s certainly food for thought and so much easier to decide when you have the figures to hand. For more information about any aspect of leasing, please contact WestWon on Tel: 01494 611 456.

You can also download  Financing Your Business Plans – a guide to equipment leasing.


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