Local Leasing Company Helps Businesses In Kent Blossom

Known as the garden of England, Kent is perhaps unsurprisingly the most populated county in the country with 1.68 million people. With its excellent connections to London and mainland Europe, it is also the location of choice for a wide range of world class companies such as Pfizer and Hitachi as well as a host of SMEs.

With the recent increase and extension of the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA), medium-sized businesses in Kent and across the UK are increasing or bringing forward their capital investments in technology and machinery to drive growth and stay at ahead of their competitors.

This is where leasing has an important role to play, by providing businesses with the opportunity to pay for these assets as they use them and keep vital lines of credit free.

In terms of technology, IT equipment can become out of date in just three to four years. With a lease agreement, equipment can be added or upgraded without having to repurchase, so a business can always have the most cutting-edge hardware and software.

Many businesses find leasing advantageous from a budgeting standpoint as switching from outright purchase to a lease agreement changes how the equipment is accounted for. Leasing enables the equipment needed to be paid for over a fixed period of time, which helps spread the cost. Plus, with an operating lease, rental payments are an allowable business expense that can be set against profit – thereby potentially reducing your tax bill.

A wide range of equipment, from IT hardware and catering equipment to packaging machines and medical technology, is being leased by Kent businesses. Other leasing options include general office equipment such as furniture, photocopiers, IT software and security systems. In fact, almost any type of tangible equipment can be considered for leasing.

WestWon Limited has experience of working with organisations in the private and public sector across Kent, helping them source manufacturers and equipment as well as arranging flexible lease agreements. The company is well placed to provide businesses with a tailored local service with 645 partners and suppliers in the area, which includes 33 in Ashford, 34 in Bromley, 45 in Maidstone, 37 in Rochester and 35 in Sevenoaks.

For more advice on leasing, download your free Essential Guide to Local Leasing for Business.





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