More About Leasing Warehouse Fittings And Fit Outs

For many companies, a well-equipped warehouse is an essential part of their operations plan and inextricably linked with business productivity and competitive edge. Whether it is simply a case of updating your warehouse racking or, at the other end of the scale, planning a complete workspace design and fit out or relocation, leasing can be the ideal way to finance your warehouse project.

Leasing warehouse updates and fit outs can include many diverse elements, such as:

  • Leasing for LED lighting and power
  • Leasing for ventilation systems
  • Leasing IT equipment – hardware such as computers, servers, and software.
  • Leasing for desks and other office furniture and joinery.
  • Lease finance for Lantech pallet wrappers or Lantech shrink wrappers
  • Leasing the design and build of mezzanine flooring
  • Rental for a fork lift truck
  • Leasing air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems
  • Leasing  warehouse racking
  • Leasing  pallet racking systems for narrow aisle, double deep or wide aisles
  • Leasing anti-collapse mesh or frame systems
  • Leasing partitioning and shelving
  • leasing shrink wrapper or packaging machines
  • Leasing trapping machinery


Buying or refurbishing a warehouse and fitting it out is, without doubt, a capital-intensive project and may even include major modifications such as installing a mezzanine floor (an extremely cost-effective way to transform unused vertical space into a storage, production or office area in your warehouse.) Many companies realise that the upfront investment in new warehousing facilities will save money in the long run, by driving efficiency and minimising labour costs. Finding a leasing deal that covers some or all your warehouse refit costs can be an excellent way to acquiring the warehousing you need now and spreading the cost over the useful life of the facility, which could be many years.

WestWon has extensive experience of arranging the best leasing deals for warehouse fittings and fit outs. For more information please contact WestWon on Tel: 01494 611456. Alternatively, you can email us:

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