Why Suppliers and Resellers Are Now Offering Leasing As Standard

Leasing now helps to fund 27% of all fixed capital investments in the UK. So it’s hardly surprising that more and more resellers are offering their customers an asset finance option – increasing customer loyalty as a result.

Including a lease rental price helps your customers in these ways:

  • They can spread the cost over time in line with the expected ROI on their investment
  • They may be able to afford more or different equipment that better meets their needs.
  • They will find it easier to upgrade more often in the future, avoiding technology obsolesce.

WestWon provides a range of support options for reseller partners who wish to offer their customers a finance option. These include

  1. Instant quotes and highly competitive rates via the WestWon Partner Portal
  2. Dedicated WestWon Account Manager to help you grow your business
  3. Branded finance portals for authorised WestWon partners
  4. Finance partner logo and plaque
  5. Sales training and marketing support

Offering your customers a WestWon Lease Finance option benefits both your company and your customers. For more information simply email boris@westwon.co.uk or Tel: 01494 611 456

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