What Kind Of Business Equipment Can I Lease?

You can lease almost any type of business equipment or IT technology, including software. You simply chose the equipment you need to grow your business and WestWon provides the funding.

As WestWon is completely independent of any supplier or manufacturer, you can choose any combination of equipment and technology you require for your lease agreement. WestWon is also happy to help recommend suppliers if you don’t have one in mind.

Key benefits of leasing for business

  1. Lease payments can be set against profit, thereby potentially reducing tax bills.
  2. Flexibility and cash flow boost: you can obtain the business equipment and technology you need without tying up available cash and lines of credit.
  3. Your business can also get an instant Return on Investment as once you make a set initial payment, you can acquire and start using the asset immediately, while spreading payments over the useful life of the equipment.
  4. Flexible repayments: lease payments can be tailored to match seasonal cash flow. You can also choose a fixed interest rate, which protects against interest rate rises and enables you to plan your budget effectively.
  5. Avoidance of equipment obsolescence and easier upgrades in the future: increasingly vital as more and more businesses are becoming technology-driven.

For more information about how leasing can be put to work for your business, contact WestWon on Tel: 01494 611 456.  Or see us on YouTube

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