Leasing In Bristol, Avon And The West County Supports Business Investment Plans

The ONS figures for UK GDP published at the end of April show the UK economy growing at 0.8% over quarter one, some 3.1% higher than this time last year. This is being reflected in the local economy in areas such as Bristol, where confidence amongst local businesses is returning.

Businesses in Bristol and across the Avon area are increasing or bringing forward their capital investments in equipment and machinery to drive growth and increase productivity.

From Bristol to Bath and Weston-Super-Mare, businesses across the Avon region are increasingly recognising the benefits of leasing to finance these investments. With a strong presence in Avon, leading leasing company WestWon, for example, has a network of over 250 partners and has successfully arranged lease agreements for over 40 businesses in the county.

Leasing not only allows businesses to improve performance by acquiring the latest technology without tying up capital or existing lines of credit, but it also protects against future obsolesce – a major issue for IT and computing equipment. Plus, leasing payments offer considerable tax benefits and can even be tailored to match a businesses seasonal cash flow.

Working in partnership with businesses, WestWon Limited can arrange a highly competitive lease agreement for a wide range of equipment from IT hardware and software or office furniture to catering equipment as well as essential insurance cover.

Unlike buying, leasing means you can pay as you use. After an initial payment, you can start benefiting from the equipment straight away and spread the cost over its useful life, so you can be paying for the asset with the income it generates.

Some of the most popular types of equipment leased are:

  • IT equipment (e.g. computers, tablets, printers)
  • IT Software
  • Engineering equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Scientific and medical technology
  • Catering equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Hairdressing and beauty equipment
  • Sports and leisure equipment
  • Processing and packaging machines
  • Retail equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment (e.g. cutting machines, injection moulding systems)
  • CCTV and security systems
  • Scaffolding and construction equipment
  • Waste and recycling equipment


In fact, almost any type of tangible equipment can be considered for leasing. This can even include hardware, software and maintenance agreements. You can also source equipment from multiple suppliers.

With a regional presence based in Bristol and 200 partners and suppliers in the town, WestWon is well placed to provide businesses with a tailored service and client services managers who can visit a client’s premises to discuss their requirements in person. The company has many years’ experience working with organisations in the private and public sector in the Avon region, including almost 500 schools in Bathm Bristol, Clevedon, Radstock and Weston-Super-Mare, helping them source manufacturers and equipment or provide information and quotes on various options.

For more advice on leasing and selecting a reputable leasing partner, download your free Essential Guide to Leasing for Business.

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